Research (YoJo) 
This stage involves understanding the problem or need that the design is meant to address, researching the target audience or users, and exploring any relevant constraints or limitations. ​​​​​​​
In this stage, I brainstorm and generate ideas for possible design solutions, exploring a range of concepts and possibilities.

Snake: vicious venomous coily movement devious slunk sound colorless curious hiss quick to bite narrow head long and sharp large fangs fast moving venomous and rattle patterned yellow-eyes patterned sharp and forked tongue flat headed triangular headed diamond-shaped head narrow head constrictor patterned harmless gait nasty black patterned small and venomous fussy
Scorpion: tenacious intuitive ardent magnetic fervent zealous intense alluring seductive irresistible thrilling electrifying riveting rousing
Hornet: venom        mouthed stings        indomitable nests        saracen venoms    ferocious nest        industrious swarm matter name report force combs engines peacock moth planes spray enterprise wings guest fight citadel engine faced angry  veritable little yellow/black large oriental proverbial stricken virtual spiteful
1.    Why the audience decided to take the venomous wine instead of herb wine? 
2.    How to present to audience?

Yojo !        Exteri        Exultous    Winey        Toxin        Vinevenom    Exotic Wine    Toxinine    Toxine        Snaxer Spicywines    toxinwine

View wine as status symbol 
Are just discovering wine   
Have basic wine knowledge 
 Like to be the first to try new wine 
 Open to innovative packaging 
Check restaurant wine lists online and research scores 
Millennials and Males

Herb wine made with venomous species 
Traditional Chinese medicated wine
Taste the oriental spirit
A thrilling journey to explore the venomous  wine!
Concept Development
Once the best ideas have been identified, I develop these concepts further, exploring how they can be developed into viable design solutions.
At this stage, I create initial prototypes or models of the design solution, allowing them to test and refine their ideas and gather feedback from stakeholders.
The prototype is then tested to ensure that it meets the requirements and solves the problem it was    designed for.
Based on the feedback gathered from testing, I refine and improve the design, making any necessary adjustments and improvements.
Finally, the design is implemented, produced, or launched, depending on the nature of the project.
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