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Hello, I'm Xiaoxian Qu, a motivated and enthusiastic designer with strong experience in Communication Design, having earned a B.F.A. from Syracuse University. For me, design is more than just a job; it is a way of life. Every project I embark on is a thrilling chance to face new difficulties and push the boundaries of my imagination. When I'm not working on a project, you may find me rowing on the lake, painting, or getting ideas from my canine partner, who acts as a keen reviewer of my projects.
 Living in the United States for 12 years and in China for 12 years has given me a unique perspective on the world, particularly the art world. As someone who enjoys going to different exhibitions and doing crafts in both places, I became interested not only in the amazing art pieces but also in how a gallery or exhibition used light and space to present the work to the audience, which is why I'm pursuing a master's degree in art and cultural management. I want to use my design abilities to work at a museum or gallery to learn how a gallery operates and to use my skills to create something unique. Thank you for taking the time to examine my application. I eagerly await the chance to explain how my creative talents and enthusiasm might benefit your company. 

Xiaoxian Qu
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